The Yorkshire Reformed Ministers Fraternal is just that. It is a monthly fraternal of ministers (and full-time church workers) from across Yorkshire, who are committed to the reformed faith. This fraternal began from “small beginnings” around forty years ago. With onset of liberal theology which had devastated many main-line churches, there was the need for biblically orientated and reformed fellowship. In those early days there were only a handful of men who would meet and things have developed significantly over the decades for which we thank God. However, as Joshua realised in his own day “there remains yet very much land to possess” (Joshua 13:1) and the same can still be said of our own day.

The foundation of the fraternal was established upon three principles which are:

1. To adhere to the five points of Calvinism

2. To adhere to one of the reformed confessions (Westminster, Savoy or 1689 Baptist Confessions)

3. To not actively partake or support the ecumenical movement

There maybe men who are not currently subscribed to a reformed confession but who want to explore doctrinally anchored Christianity and you would be most welcome to attend.

On behalf of the Yorkshire Reformed Ministers Fraternal,

Kevin Bidwell